iWatch South Florida is operated by

Miami Dade Police Department

Homeland Security Bureau

The Miami-Dade Police Department’s Homeland Security Bureau (HSB) is a nationally recognized fusion center, known as the Southeast Florida Fusion Center (SEFFC).  The mission of the HSB/SEFFC is to develop and implement effective information-sharing policies and collaborative programs, to ensure the effective dissemination of criminal intelligence information across a multi-jurisdictional and multi-discipline environment; and to build trusted relationships with our federal, state, local, tribal, and private sector partners, to enhance our ability to secure the homeland, while protecting the privacy of our citizens.

Homeland Security Bureau/Southeast Florida Fusion Center Operational Sections

Intelligence Operations Center (IOC)

The IOC is the primary liaison, research and analysis hub. IOC staff monitors information as it is received from local, state, federal and open sources. Pertinent information is subsequently disseminated to the appropriate personnel. Intelligence Section (IS)

The IS consists of the Intelligence Unit (IU). The IS has the responsibility for gathering, analyzing, disseminating and maintaining intelligence information for the Department. dditionally, the IOC hasI the responsibility of coordinating the Department’s efforts in combating domestic terrorism. This includes conducting security and vulnerability assessments and identifying the security needs of critical infrastructures.

Technical Operations/Video Forensic Unit (TOVFU)

The TOVFU provides technical support in the form of sophisticated electronic equipment and operational expertise for all entities of MDPD.